Tarai bune boats


Nagai Kurojishi Festival

The Nagai Kurojishi Festival is the biggest and most important festival in Nagai, Yamagata and cannot be missed if you want to truly experience the city!

Survival Japanese

One of the biggest challenges that visitors to Japan face is the language barrier. Never fear, our easy survival Japanese guide is here!

Yamagata Hanagasa Festival

The Yamagata Hanagasa Festival is Yamagata's biggest festival, and one of the four great festivals of the Tohoku region!

Yamagata Safflower

Yamagata Safflower, also known as "Benibana" is the symbolic flower of Yamagata Prefecture and is ingrained deeply in Yamagata culture.


Jingisukan is a delicious Japanese lamb dish from Yamagata that gets its name from the great Mongolian Genghis Khan.


Built in 1877, The Bunshokan is the old prefectural capital of Yamagata and today it serves as a history museum in Yamagata City.


Once visited by poet Matsuo Basho, Yamadera is the collective name given to the thirty temples creviced into the ancient slopes of Mt. Hoju.

Akutsu Hachiman Shrine

Located in Takahata City, Yamagata, Akutsu Hachiman Shrine is said to have brought victory in battle and a bountiful harvest to the region for centuries.