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Educational Tours

Educational Tours

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Travel is Education

Travel is education, and students are the future.

Traveling abroad at an young age offers students a unique opportunity to broaden their horizons, embrace cultural differences, and gain real-world education beyond the classroom. Through experiencing new challenges, students develop personal growth, independence, and the cross-cultural communication skills needed to navigate an ever-globalizing world.

Spring and summer break are the most popular times to schedule an educational trip to Japan, and with individually tailored itineraries, we can plan trips with centered around cultural exchange, homestay, STEM, sports exchange, sustainability, or something completely of your own design! The sky is the limit and the future is bright!

Bringing the Classroom to Japan

Our company has been involved with student tours for over 50 years, having our foundations in arranging local Japanese schools’ graduation trips both domestically and abroad. Between 1989 and 2003, we brought over 500 local elementary and middle schoolers from Yamagata to our sister Prefecture-State of Colorado for a summer break exchange and to deepen the cross-cultural friendships.

Carrying on our mission to help bridge the gap between cultures, in 2023, we launched our inbound high school tour program, and in addition to bringing students and educators all over Japan, we have acted as a liaison between local and overseas schools to make lasting bonds with short-term exchanges that go both ways. 

Led by experienced, licensed, bilingual guides, our educational tours are tailor-made to fit each group’s interests and individual goals and promote crossing cultural and linguistic borders, global thinking, and above all, international friendship

Students Brought to Japan

2023: 325 Students (11 Schools)

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