Niigata Prefecture

Stretched across the coast and facing the Sea of Japan, for Japanese people, Niigata Prefecture is nearly synonymous with its rice industry as not only are the grains grown in Niigata impeccably smooth, but the sake it produces is coveted worldwide. 

Niigata is divided into four main regions, and for many traveling from Tokyo into the Tohoku region, Niigata is their first stop into the northern frontier. While Niigata isn’t actually considered part of Tohoku for historical reasons, it still has much of the northern charm that, when paired with its own local flair, is something truly special.

Skiing, hiking, hot springs, traditional performances, and a thriving arts scene are some of the many reasons that people choose to visit Niigata. And delicious food, stunning scenery, and the warm, friendly people are some of the reasons that people will never forget their time here.

Come make memories that will last a lifetime. Come, visit Niigata.

Explore the Four Regions of Niigata

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