Hirashimizu Pottery Village
Yamagata Pottery Experience

4,000 yen/person

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Culture, Craft
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Anyone can join
Group Size
Small to large groups (2-30 people)
Yamagata Pottery Expereince

Hirashimizu Pottery Village in Yamagata City has some of the oldest history in all of Yamagata, and preserves generations of skill, technique, and heritage at Shichiemongama pottery workshop. One of only two remaining traditional kilns left in the village, Shichiemongama pottery is made from the iron-rich soil collected at the base of Mt. Chitose, hence the reddish color and grain of the ceramicware. 


Indulge in your own ceramics journey, where you will create your own piece of pottery just as artisans at Shichiemongama have done for over 150 years. The unique clay sourced from the nearby mountains requires special molding techniques that depart from conventional pottery, however, a local master will guide your way.


The experience includes 1 kg of clay which is just enough to make one cup and one plate.  Garnish each one with your own design, and make a piece of ceramicware that is all your own. After you are satisfied with your masterpiece, pick from an assortment of stunning glaze options and prep your handmade treasures for the kiln.


If you wish to bring your items home with you, please make sure to bring cash as you will have to pay separately for postage. Please also note that the kiln is only fired at certain times, and so a wait of around two to three months for your items to make it safely to your home is not uncommon.


After finishing up, check out the showroom and see what other incredible pieces of ceramics the masters of Shichiemongama have crafted. There is a small shop attached where you can buy professionally-made goods as well that make excellent souvenirs. 

hirashimizu pottery
Activity Details
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Experience Duration
2 hours
Amount of Participants
2-30 people (Inquire separately for larger groups or singles)
Start Time
Flexible (excluding Mondays)
End Time
Flexible (excluding Mondays)
Not Included
Please book at least 3 days in advance
Meeting Location
Hirashimizu Pottery Village

Due to the remote nature of the region, it is highly recommended that you rent a car when you visit Yamagata Prefecture. However, that isn’t to say that visiting without a car is impossible in the slightest.

A taxi from Yamagata Station (roughly 15 minutes) is the most direct way to reach Hirashimizu, however, a 10-minute bus, followed by a 15 minute walk, is another possible option. If you are considering walking from Yamagata Station, it takes roughly 50 minutes.

Hirashimizu Pottery Village
Hirashimizu Pottery Village

Yamagata has such a deep pottery culture! It took a little bit longer than I expected to get my pottery back home, but once it came, it reminds me of my trip to Yamagata to each time I use it!



I made a plate and a mug and they have really unique textures, kind of like sandpaper, but with a gloss. The workshop was fun and I bought some things from the shop.